I'm Lindsey & I believe in love. I'm 20 & live in beautiful southern California. God is good! Running is my passion. Music is my escape. Art is my mind. The beach is my home. Still trying to discover who I am & better myself each day. Welcome to my world I dream of on my own~~ Follow me on instagram: lovelyylindseyy

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Anonymous said: You are simply stunning

Thank you !!

Gah. It is hard skyping my best friends and my family. It feels empty without them here with’s hard to describe. It means the world to me that they’re still there for me. I wouldn’t be myself or have made it this far without them. I’m so incredibly grateful for them.

Idk how but I ran 12 miles at 5am practice on my bday.

My best friend comes through on all my birthdays. Feels weird being 21!

// There’s a change in pressure
Never gonna lie to you //

Simplicity and bliss is all I’ve ever wanted.


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