I'm Lindsey & I believe in love. I'm 20 & live in beautiful southern California. God is good! Running is my passion. Music is my escape. Art is my mind. The beach is my home. Still trying to discover who I am & better myself each day. Welcome to my world I dream of on my own~~ Follow me on instagram: lovelyylindseyy

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I wake up everyday and run for Him.✝

I wanna go home

Dead tired.

Wishing I was edgy

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Alright I have to put this up before I forget-
I ran 16 miles at 7:38 pace in 49 degree weather. A new personal achievement for me. The longest miles I’ve ever ran. It feels good and I didn’t feel tired. I was on a runners high the whole time. Long runs like this make me love running all over again…..

Failing at being edgy

Long run in 40 degree weather. Shoutout to @amyjyjy for pushing me.💕 #runnershigh

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